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Tips for Finding the Right SSD Lawyer for You

There’s a lot more to receiving Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits than completing an application. Presenting a persuasive case is often a necessary step that can either get you the critical help you need or set you back to square one. That’s where finding the right Social Security Disability (SSD) lawyer comes in to play.

Disability law is complicated, and so is the application process. It’s not uncommon for people who apply for benefits to be denied at first review. While legal representation isn’t necessary, a seasoned SSD attorney can help you navigate the system, review your case, and argue on your behalf if necessary. The right person will not just help you win, but will also make this process as painless as possible.

So how do you find the right match for you?

Inquire about Experience

When searching for the best SSD attorney for your individual case, take the time to talk to people and research how different firms operate. Claims can be approved initially, at the review level, after a hearing, or during appeals. Therefore, you will want to look for someone whose experience will maximize your chances of succeeding at any of those stages.

You can find a lot out by exploring a firm’s website or simply inquiring about a specific lawyer’s qualifications. Top qualities in an SSD lawyer include:

  • Social Security Disability law as their primary focus;
  • Proven track record of success;
  • Familiarity and expertise with the disability system; and
  • Personalized services.

Request Free Consultation

Most lawyers will offer a free consultation or in-person meeting to find out about your case. This is your chance to find out things like:

  • Their history of cases like yours;
  • Their overall claim approval rate, including ones that were initially denied;
  • What kind of time commitment goes into a case;
  • Their staff support and typical caseload; and
  • How much contact they have with clients like you.

When speaking with someone new, it’s always helpful to have them walk you through the process you’re about to face. For better results, prepare your questions in advance. An SSD lawyer can provide many different services, from reviewing your documentation to ensuring that appeals and medical records are submitted properly. They should be able to talk about paperwork you’ll need to provide, who you’ll interact with, and what types of timelines to expect.

Look for Compatibility

Your consultation is also an opportunity to find out what the person is like and get a sense of how you’ll be treated. Trust and compatibility are very important traits to look for in SSD lawyers. At some point you might have to review your medical history and reveal sensitive information about your physical or mental health. Such details can be hard to discuss with a stranger, and you deserve to feel comfortable during your interactions.

Ask about Other People’s Experiences

Do you know other people who have had legal assistance navigating the SSD system? Reach out to them to ask about their experiences. Maybe you can find out if their lawyer:

  • Could answer questions and explain the SSD process;
  • Was available and accessible to their client;
  • Followed through on deadlines and commitments; and
  • Knew the ins and outs of the system.

Even if you don’t get a recommendation, you’ll gain a sense of what traits were helpful or not to others.

Beware of Promises

Your search is also an opportunity to look out for red flags. Some lawyers will make guarantees about fast results or claim approvals. Others might ask for upfront fees. If something doesn’t feel right or you find it difficult to communicate with each other, you may not be a match.

Check Legal Groups to Assist with Finding the Right SSD Lawyer

To find out more about Social Security Disability insurance lawyers and what you can expect from one, websites and industry groups like your local Bar Association are a good source of information. You could always make sure the lawyer you’re considering has a Letter of Good Standing issued by the State Bar of Arizona, which confirms they’re compliant with state regulations. The Arizona Center for Disability Law is another good resource for people with disability-related legal questions.

If you’re looking for help with your SSD case in Arizona, start with Walner Law. As an experienced SSD attorney, Jon Walner has worked on thousands of disability cases. Call 480-508-8800 if you have questions or to schedule a free case evaluation. We’re happy to tell you about our experience with disability cases, as well as our winning track record.